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When they really LOVE painting!

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hello Friends!

Time for an update: Artist Log #27 *

Last week I attended Career Day at Milliken Park Elem here in Fremont. It was AWESOME to see the kiddos' faces as they got excited about painting. I think I may have found a few kiddos that LOVE the idea of painting as much as I do and I hope they come to visit me at CREATE 2.0 this summer. * I want to say that I was the hit of the event but that would not be true. I had brought 3 painted items to show the kiddos and one of them was by far the most popular thing at the event. If you would like to know what it was stop in at CREATE 2.0 and I will show you. * Bye for now. I must get back to planning out NEW summer projects. Hope to see you soon!!

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