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Monday Drinks...

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday & Happy May! * Artist Log #25 It has been a bit since my last log so much has happened I might by typing all week. * Let's talk about my drinking problem...of diet coke and water. LOL. I think that my selection of tumblers says a lot about me. The giraffe tumbler was a gift because I LOVE giraffes and I bought the yellow/hot pink tumbler cuz well I just had too. * Let's look at this deeper. I was recently doing an Art Journal exercise about symbolism and looked up the meaning of the things that represent me. * Giraffe are beautiful, wild, and exotic animals, representing uniqueness and pride. They are associated with peace, the heart, the ability to put life into perspective and as your spirit animal they can help you achieve your full potential. There is SO much symbolism here I will have to explore this more. * Bright colors represent excitement and optimism. Strong, bright colors can have a powerful effect on emotions. Orange is my favorite color and is often associated with joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement... Yellow is upbeat, friendly, happy... Pink is associated with love, kindness and femininity. * I have found this tiny bit of research I have done to be quite fascinating and I am planning to do a more in depth research on each thing and put it into my art journal. * There more things I like that I would like to see how they tie into me and my personality. * I do believe this could be the beginnings of a Art Journaling Class. We could explore the symbolism of our likes and even our dislikes. Instead of writing a report we could make ART Journal pages with our findings. Interested??? Cuz I would LOVE this. * Ok I didn't even make a small dent in the things I want to tell you so ... I will be b a c k...soon. ~Lisa

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