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A NEW Job for Brian

Artist Log #26

Since I meet Brian he has been working on his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. In March of 2022, he finished all his requirements for his degree and graduated with honors from Bellevue University. YAY!! The BEST part is that as of April 1 Brian is only working 1 job!! I am so proud of all his hard work and determination. He started working at Northeast Nebraska Psychological Services in Fremont with Linda Hunter.

A new job equals a new office in need of some art. I decided to make a piece that represented Brian but I also wanted it to appeal to a greater audience them just him. Brian LOVES music of all kinds and has a vast knowledge of all music things so a piece about music was the only logical choice. But how do I keep it more neutral and not Too Bright? The entire piece centered around the guitar and a 70s vibe. I used actual music sheets to make the body of the guitar and stencils for the shapes and words. I tried to keep the colors similar to colors Brian likes without going too bright or too feminine. There are areas of this piece I painted over several times until it all pulled together. Brian's son, John even added a few finishing touches to the piece. This piece is approx. 30"x36" and is now hanging in Brian's office.

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